Alberti Cipher Disk


The Alberti Cipher disk was created in 1467 by famous Italian scholar Leon Battista Alberti.

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The Alberti Cipher disk is the first example of a true “polyalphabetic” cipher device using two dissimilar alphabets.

Created in 1467 by famous Italian scholar Leon Battista Alberti, it is thought the device may have been used for high level use within the Vatican. Alberti was a renaissance man who’s talents spanned a wide range of topics from architecture to poet, astronomer and master horseman.

The cipher consists of two disks, the outer is fixed in place while the inner disk rotates.

There are several ways to use this device from easy through to more complex techniques. Instructions are included to teach several methods.

Made in the US, the Alberti Cipher measures roughly 115mm in diameter.

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