Cast Equa Puzzle

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The Hanayama Cast Equa puzzle is one of the hardest in the range.

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The Hanayama Cast Equa puzzle where the aim is to take it apart and re-assemble.

Originally rated as a level of 5 out of 6 it was decided to change it to a level 6 or ‘grandmaster’ in 2014.

This puzzle takes on an astronomical design like a planet with the rings around the outside.

Designed by Oskar of the Netherlands.

Weight 0.24 kg

Level 9

1 review for Cast Equa Puzzle

  1. Maria (verified owner)

    This is a trickly little puzzle. It takes a while solve, but then still takes a while to figure out the pattern for assembling and disassembling. This being said, the shining coating is not very durable and comes off rapidly when fiddling with it. The puzzle itself deserves 5/5, however because of build quality issues it gets a 4.

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