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The DanLock puzzle is one of the most highly regarded lock puzzles available. Created by Dan Feldman and now made by his son Boaz Feldman.

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The DanLock puzzle is a real classic. One of the most highly regarded lock puzzles available, it was created by Dan Feldman.

They are made from real padlocks with the aim being to first unlock the padlock and then return everything to how it started.

You may think that if you can open the padlock and get the key off it would be an easy thing to do the reverse. However the solution for opening and closing this lock are different. Many puzzlers agreeing the closing is harder than the opening! You are only allowed to use what is provided, the padlock and the two keys. The keyring and the bag should not be used.

Now made by Dan Feldman’s son Boaz Feldman (the creator of the B-Lock).

This is a real challenging puzzle and a must have for all puzzle collectors out there.

Comes with a drawstring bag.

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