Devils Chessboard

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The Devils Chessboard puzzle is designed by Will Strijbos and most will find it extremely challenging.

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The Devils Chessboard was created by famous puzzle designer Will Strijbos and it won the prestigious Himiki Puzzle competition in Japan in 1990.

Made up of 16 pieces that all have a white and dark block and are cut at different angles. The aim is to fit all the pieces into the box to create a two layered 5 x 5 checkerboard pattern with colours matching on both layers and that is flush on the surface.

A very challenging puzzle that is likely to leave most stumped.

This measures 120 x 120 x 38mm.

The solution is included.

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Level 10

1 review for Devils Chessboard

  1. alistairadams157 (verified owner)

    Great puzzle, Good value for what you get. Not sure if I would class it as level 10 difficulty but it is definitely a harder puzzle. Would recommend.

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