HoKey CoKey Lock

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The HoKey CoKey lock puzzle is a fun and unsual puzzle. Great for any fans of lock puzzles.

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The HoKey CoKey lock is a very fun lock puzzle from Two Brass Monkeys. It was initially an IPP 38 exchange gift but it has been made again as many people wanted to get their hands on one.

A simple looking lock with two keys and bottle opener. The aim is to open it but how does it work? The solution is unusual and very satisfying to discover.

A great choice for fans of lock puzzles.

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1 review for HoKey CoKey Lock

  1. jamesbloohn

    This is my favourite padlock puzzle by far. The solution is in plain sight but fiendishly difficult to find. There are multiple red herrings. When you discover how to open this brilliantly engineered puzzle you might just chuckle to yourself like I did.

    5 stars for this perfect little head scratcher!

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