Martin's Menace - Small

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A small version of the testing Martin’s Menace puzzle.

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Martin’s Menace is a puzzle by Stewart Coffin. Originally called ‘four fit’ the aim is to fit the four pieces within the frame. It was renamed after Martin Gardener’s week long effort to solve in it was in vain.

A deceptive puzzle that seems like it should be relatively simple but will really challenge most who try it.

This is the smaller version, it comes with a nice frame and measures 146 x 98 x 15m.

Please note the solution is not provided for this puzzle.

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1 review for Martin’s Menace – Small

  1. mackinnon.jozef (verified owner)

    Great little puzzle. Very simple: all you have to do is fit the four pieces in the frame. And, indeed, the solution is simple enough — theoretically you could solve this thing in a matter of seconds. But it certainly doesn’t turn out that way…. Frustrated me for quite a long time, leading me to contemplate some rather more violent ways of solving the puzzle, but I perservered and eventually got it.

    This one is sure to stump you for quite a while, and will quite likely tempt you to search up the solution.

    Good little design, and well made in the USA, which I appreciate. Recommend it

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