Martin's Menace - Large

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Martin’s Menace is a fiendishly difficult four piece puzzle. How can it be so hard?

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Martin’s Menace is a puzzle by Stewart Coffin. Originally called ‘four fit’ the aim is to fit the four pieces within the frame. It was renamed after Martin Gardener’s week long effort to solve in it was in vain.

A deceptive puzzle that seems like it should be relatively simple but will really challenge most who try it.

Made from 4 different hardwoods, the pieces sit within a nice base and cover.

Please note the solution is not provided for this puzzle.

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Level 10

1 review for Martin’s Menace – Large

  1. Bryce Lamb

    Got this as a birthday present and it’s so satisfying to solve (after looking at it on and off for 1 month!). Very difficult even if you are a seasoned puzzler, it will keep you thinking even when you’re not looking at it.

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