Rademic Hedgehog in the Cage Epic


The Hedgehog in the Cage Epic puzzle from Rademic was a design from 2019 and features a very unusual cage shape and a unique solution.

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The Epic from Rademic puzzles is a unique take on the hedgehog in the cage style puzzles.

The cage has an unusual design formed by three expanding spirals. The hedgehog has five spikes, two of which make up it’s teardrop shape.

Very tricky to solve, this puzzle has a unique solution and requires you to make several discoveries to enable you to get further with the solution.

The cage is made from stainless steel and the hedgehog from partly anodized aluminium. It measures 83 x 51.5mm and weighs 296g.

It also comes with a handmade spiral zip bag.

This is the v2 model with a new surprise hidden inside the puzzle.

Weight 0.28 kg

Level 10


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