Puzzle Review

Eye of Horus Puzzle Review

Eye of Horus Puzzle Review

Recent Toys recently released a new licensed puzzle from Constantin of Germany called the Eye of Horus. An interesting looking puzzle box you can see where the name comes from. Given the price point of this puzzle box it feels pretty nicely made and not fragile at all. The aim of the game is to open the box and straight away you can see where the action is going to happen.

The top piece of the 'eye' spins around freely and there is an acrylic circle on top that also seems to spin freely in either direction. Beneath here you'll find a small circular cutout and after a bit of playing around I discovered there is a little steel ball that you can drop into this and then spin around. It brought back memories of other Constantin puzzle boxes such as the Centrale and took quite a while to work out what was going on or needed to happen. It didn't help that I was making assumptions that turned out to be false, note to self always approach with an open mind!

I'd suggest possibly a pen and paper could be handy if you're going to tackle this and what to note your findings down.

Overall this is a really good puzzle box if you're looking for something slightly challenging at a really affordable price point. Inside you'll find a reasonable amount of storage space, not large but not a Karakuri Small Box either. If you'd like to take a further look you can find that here.

Please note the video below includes a full solution.


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