Puzzle Review

Eleven L's Puzzle Review

Eleven L's Puzzle Review

We recently received a new puzzle from the States, the interestingly named Eleven L's. The first puzzle was to try and work out the reasoning for the name but I quickly set that aside as there was a better challenge waiting. First impressions of the puzzle, it seems to be well made it looks like the pieces are hardwood and the tray and lid it comes with are nice.

It was quickly obvious this was a puzzle that will lead you tantalizingly close just to deflate you on the last piece. After several trial and error attempts it felt a bit like this puzzle was taunting me.

I have a go to series of options to try with this style of packing puzzle but nothing seemed to be working, how frustrating! After a lot of trial and error and the usual attempting the same thing repeatedly expecting a sudden change of outcome some more reasoned thought was called for. I'm still not 100% sure if my final thought process is sound but I was fairly happy I'd managed to use logic to find the solution.

Rating puzzles is an art form in itself but I would give Eleven L's a 6.5/10 in terms of difficulty. Really enjoyable packing puzzle and also nicely made.



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